Bassist/composer Konstantin Ionenko introduces a striking new quartet on Noema.
This music leans more towards the impressionistic contemporary jazz. The flugelhorn/guitar combination makes for a lighter ensemble sound, well suited to the generally mellow mood. A beautiful album! Ionenko continues to grow as composer and bandleader with each new release. Musically, the songs on this album smooth and dreamy. The CD comes with an abstract, impressionistic pastel image that captures the mood of the music. ECM fans should take note. 

All About Jazz, USA


The quartet members attack each other in the improvisations, but continue to play an honest game of questions and answers which lacks the quest for adventure. The compositions are balanced, here and there headstrong, and remain ever faithful to the melody. This makes "Noema" not surprisingly, all the money will probably be satisfying to ECM fans.

Jazzenzo, Netherlands



A beautiful, full of finesse jazz record close enough to the ECM aesthetic and not only by its cover! It will be noticed Dima Bondarev flugelhorn in this quartet of beautiful invoice. A boost is needed for these young musicians who believe in their art.
Culturejazz, France



Accent of the material on the flugelhorn and guitar makes dealing with the music of exceptionally mild character, full of philosophical solutions, climate and extremely soothing. They heighten the magical atmosphere here stylish ornaments drums and stable bass parts.
All 8 tracks by Ionenko presenting himself as a composer, perfectly capable to find in contemporary jazz conventions, delighting depth melodies and distinctive impressionistic style.
This music, which seats without any complexes to compete with the rest of Europe, and this proves, album spotted by the significant media as, among others, portal All About Jazz.
Saturated lyrical music fills the album "Noema", it definitely deserves to notice the potential of Ukrainian musicians by the European  jazz media.

“Deep Immersion” is excellent and intelligent music, well conceived and extremely well-played. The future awaits for more from Ionenko and the musicians who surround him.
Budd Kopman, All About Jazz



His first recording as a leader comes straight out of the Blue Note-era hard bop sound. If these albums are indicative of the general quality of Ukrainian jazz playing, there must be a deep bench.
Mark Sullivan, All About Jazz



The compositions and musicianship on Deep Tone project are a distinctly modern and deftly textured crafting of classical elements and European chamber jazz. The themes are constructed as pleasant explorations, occasionally taking more adventurous turns but always grounded in melody. Ionenko has wisely opted for an all-inclusive format and it is a very rewarding one that should lead to broader exposure for all involved.

New York Jazz Records, USA



Stylistic focus shifting from Blue Note to something more contemporary, like ECM. The music gives plenty of space for lyrical contributions from tenor and guitar. The album closes on a calm note, with the atmospheric title tune.
All About Jazz, USA



The music of Deep Immersion is soft, wide, tender at some points, but contemporary and sophisticated at the same time. Lyrical phrases are masterfully balanced with contemporary harmonic and rhythmical structures, flavored with numerology and M-Base concepts.

All About Jazz, USA



“Flow ” is very sensuous music, with more than enough of the intellect to engage the mind. Regardless of whatever label that is placed on it, and however familiar it might sound at first, this music has enough twists, turns and surprises to claim originality of conception. Highly recommended.
Bud Kopman, All About Jazz



Both albums are located in the vicinity referred to contemporary jazz. Their advantage is interesting, catchy compositions, often a surprising which returns the listener in the narrative.
This very much nice, modern and fresh music!
Jazzpress Magazine, Poland



Excellent example of modern European jazz sound performed by some of the best Ukrainian musicians, who create an original mood and atmosphere of a fascinating mixture of modern creative, post bop and contemporary jazz.
World Jazz News



Konstantin Ionenko’s quintet album looks and sounds like something from ECM. The band shows is ability to drive on post bop pieces on material such as “Yellow Greenwich” and Shlelein shows his rich tone on the aria-like intro where he goes solo before the rest of the band comes jumping in on the driving “Barracuda.” Lyricism is abundant as Ionenko delivers some lovely lines along with Adu’s horn on “Devoted” and Litvinenko’s deft touch is gracious on the gentle “Invisible.” Lots to like here form mainstream fans.
Jazzweekly, USA



“Deep Immersion" – an album by a bass player, in which he holds all the strings, while still able to stay in the shade. But this strangely shifts "the assembly point". Typically, most attention is automatically attracted to solo moments – but in the compositions of this album most immersion takes place at the moment, so to speak, of ensemble. Maybe it's purely subjective – but even the cover seems to suggests: this sea looks calm, but its real power is far not on the surface...



That’s right, the music of this album really flows – there is no stagnant water at all here. Everyone will hear something of his/her own – there are enough warm colors in the sounds for all. “Flow” - is wonderful lyrical album!
Republic Of Jazz



Deep Tone music shows shimmering shadows, dim visual beauty and intimate air feeling. Chamber music with tinged melancholy leading to the ECM, gently calm the mind. This jazz is the most nicely fit.
Yuki Yamamoto (Quiet Corner)



Interview with Leonid Titov (Cultprostir)



This musicians based in Kiev, is a central figure of the new generation of Ukrainian jazz scene that has been active in Europe. In the former of Herbie Hancock's specific modal sound, that was further transformed into a contemporary mood, stand in particular smell from the hard bop by two pipe quintet, distinctive melancholic sound features. And, number anyway wonderfully quality by full-length Ionenko composer that gently uplifting the quintet.

Core Port, Japan



Album in the best ways of hard bop & modal jazz, by bassist/composer Konstantin Ionenko. All songs is original, by but his music is splendid! There is a rich colors of the songs, equipped with attractive numbers, such as involuntarily might want to try by musicians full of space and the mood.It completely... resembles a pieces which was written by Tom Harrell. One recommended!
Ventoazul, Japan



The right example of modern European jazz & Post Bop! Fancymusic released an interesting perspective of the contemporary jazz Quintet! A high class album from Ukrainian musician Konstantin Ionenko.



The album "Noema" very gently, subtly plays with outlines and strokes, draws pictures and moods – but leaves enough space so that you could fill it with your own content. This is respect, in a way, and from it the dialogue grows...